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Eliminate the Top Errors in Your Manuscript – Get Your Research Paper Edited by Experts

The publication process is complex, time-consuming, and effort intensive. The “publish or perish” culture that dominates the academic and scientific research community further increases the pressure on authors to publish. Further, the large submission volumes journals deal with has led to them becoming increasingly stringent with manuscript screening and selection. Thus, only the best manuscripts that are well presented and do not have any errors of data, language, or structure make it to peer review and eventual publication.

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The biggest challenge many authors face is that of preparing a research paper that reflects the language standards expected by the international research community. This is because, while they may be experts in their field of study, not all researchers are good writers. Today, researchers have access to several online research paper editing services that provide an array of scientific communication and publication support solutions. By seeking their help, authors can prepare a publication-ready manuscript that is free of errors that may dissuade journal reviewers from selecting your manuscript and might lead to unwarranted delays in the publication process.

What are the most common mistakes that you may be prone to make as an author? And how can professional research paper editing services help you avoid them?

Not following the journal’s instructions for authors
Reading through the target journal’s manuscript preparation instructions for authors should be among the first things you do. Often authors submit manuscripts without reading or following the journal’s instructions. This discourages journal reviewers and poses problems for typesetters, thereby delaying the publication process. Seek the help of research paper editing services that offer manuscript formatting help to ensure that your paper follows all the requirements of the target journal.

Inconsistencies in data
Figures, tables, and graphs are critical elements of scientific manuscripts and need to be prepared carefully. The most common issues journal reviewers face with these is that they contain incorrect or inconsistent information. A professional research editing service will not only polish the language in your manuscript but will also check your figures and tables for formatting and inconsistency.

Following ethical guidelines
Conducting and presenting research ethically is foremost among all scientific communication requirements. A professional and established research paper editing service will scrutinize your research paper to check for any possible ethical violations.

Errors in references
Formatting the references is an essential part of manuscript preparation. The most common errors in references are missing references, listed references not matching the citations in text, and inappropriately formatted references. Missing and inaccurate references undermine the credibility of a paper. Most research paper editors check references thoroughly and point out any issues to authors. Read this article for advice on citing sources.

Mistakes in punctuation and style
A professional research paper editor will thoroughly check your manuscript for any errors in punctuation or style inconsistencies.

Missing or incomplete forms during submission
Filling out forms regarding authorship, conflicts of interest, ethical board approval, etc., is an important part of the publication process. But this step could be cumbersome and confusing, leading to additional communication loops between journal editors and authors, thus delaying the publication process. Choose a research paper editing service that also offers help with all stages of the publication process, including journal submission, to ensure a smooth submission process.

Getting a manuscript published in an international journal is a complex and effort-intensive process. However, you can ensure a smooth publication process by seeking expert from professional research paper editing service providers.