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This week we have 4 planets in the sign of Pisces, the last step in the evolution of the zodiac, inviting us to relax, retreat and rekindle our connection with the divine spirit and what is truly important for us. Pisces is the sign of contemplation, meditation and transcendence. You could say it is all about the invisible dimensions behind the physical appearances of the world.

I don’t know about you but I feel often quiet overwhelmed, my life has speed up tremendously with all the demands I feel, as well as all the ideas and projects I love to get to. I always feel like I am behind and am reminding myself constantly to enjoy the journey and that things will never get done. I remember a documentation I have seen about aging and that the brain’s perception of time really changes with growing older. That makes total sense. Imagine the duration of an hour for a baby must seem like eternity and I remember being a teenager I could not wait to get older and it took forever. Now it seems like time is flying by with lightening speed.

I strongly believe we need the qualities of Pisces to tune into timelessness and eternal qualities of our soul to stay sane.

Each month with the Moon moving through Pisces you get an invitation for a mini vacation from spirit to get your priorities straight and realign with your true needs and soul purpose. With the Sun transiting through Pisces for a month each year you are given more time to regroup and fine tune your spiritual aspirations. If you like to partake in a meditation or healing retreat this would be the best and most powerful time of the year to do so.

I like to invite you into a contemplative posture and ask yourself some questions right now. What you can do to add that inner divine connection on a regular base to your life. Do you spend time with yourself allowing that busy mind to unravel and quiet down? Do you have a meditation practice? Do you just sit and smell the roses? Do you allow down time without filling your mind with reading, computer, TV or conversations? I have written another article about Neptune and the Art of Meditation if you like to get more inspired.

As you might know I love to use the specific healing properties of gemstones for meditation and jewelry purposes. Gemstones are such beautiful allies to harmonize your body, mind and soul. Allow yourself some time to play around with Amethyst who comes in so many beautiful forms as crystals, wands, clusters, faceted and cut stones. Amethyst has been called a spiritual vacuum cleaner because of his personality and his mediating qualities.

This week’s highlights are

o The Sun Floats into Peaceful Pisces (February 19-March 20)
o Loving Venus Joins with Extravagant Jupiter in Pisces
o Moon in Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Pisces: The Sign of Fantasy and Creativity

Pisces is a feminine water sign ruled by Neptune. It rules the 12th House-the Personal Connection with the Divine & the Invisible Realms. Pisces is the last month in the astrological year, and in this sign we see some of the best qualities of all the other signs, representing an accumulation of learning.

Pisces are gentle and have sensitive souls, well developed both spiritually and in their relationships. They care much more about matters of the mind, heart, and spirit than about practical or material things. They enjoy a rich fantasy and dream life, which may be expressed through creativity in all of the arts. Pisces are idealists rather than realists.

Connections to the Universe

Pisces do not see themselves first and foremost as individuals, but as connected to others and to the universe. They would rather experience this connection than protect their own ego. This spiritual sense of connection guides all that they do, from their relationships to their choice of career and their spiritual expression. They seek to elevate their consciousness beyond the confines of the material world. They are highly intuitive people. Their exquisite sensitivity to the world around them can even rise to the level of psychic abilities.


Pisces’ gentle side leads them to be very sensitive, loving, and trusting. They seek harmony in their relationships and will do whatever they can to avoid conflict-winning a fight is not meaningful to Pisces. They approach everyone in a friendly manner that draws many allies to them, but they are intimate only with a small group of friends and family. They are romantic, need to be with a partner, and commit themselves for the long term.

Compassion is a trait that stands out in Pisces. They are born care takers. Pisces people very often chose careers that allow them to give to others, or engage in volunteer work. They are very aware of the needs of others and devote themselves to helping others wherever they see the opportunity, even to the point of self-sacrifice.


As a water sign, Pisces people have a preference to lead “fluid” lives, going with the flow rather than pursuing a specific life plan. They are more fantasy bound than reality bound. One of their biggest challenges is to carve out a successful life that takes reality into account. They also need to seek more balance in their relationships by placing their own needs on par with the needs of others. Being very sensitive, they need to take care to protect themselves from other people’s negative emotions and manipulation. They are gullible and easily taken in by ruses.