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Your Search For Aging Skincare Products

There have been a lot of emails circulating these days about parabens and their dangers. Here’s an overview of what this term means and how you could help your skin to a new and healthy regime using paraben-free skincare products.

Skincare has been the fascination of human beings over the centuries and the formulations that were evolved contained one or more essential oils, creams and fragrances. Of course they were used immediately and if they smelled off, well that was it. You had to throw the stuff out. But that was the old days.

Today, the catchword for all skincare product manufacturers is ‘shelf-life’. Paraben are bio-chemical compounds that were found to be effective preservatives, helping keep creams and lotions smelling good. They’re used mainly to maintain the scent of the additives in skincare products.

But these days there is a great deal of controversy about the safety of these compounds. Researchers have not discovered significant links of parabens to any major disease, but they have been banned in some countries. For example, the European Union’s Cosmetic Ingredients Review has identified Phenoxyethanol as a harmful skin irritant and authorities in Japan have controlled the use of this chemical. There have also been reports of allergic reactions to the use of skincare products found containing these. A question mark now hangs over the wisdom of using the commercial products that contain them or using paraben-free skincare products without these dangerous chemicals.

Parabens are found in a diverse range of skincare products that you might be using. Start in the morning, and you have moisturizers and face wash. Or it could be your shaving foam, and the aftershave and cologne that you may splash on later. Move to underarm deodorants and anti-perspirants, and cosmetics. There might be the occasional facemask that you use, and the sunscreen lotion that you apply just before going out of the house. They might all contain parabens, especially if they smell good. You can say that parabens are pretty inescapable these days and you will be right.

If you are beginning to believe that natural is best, and would prefer to avoid the risk and worry of finding that a product you use has parabens, there are some ways to look for the skincare products you want.

The first aspect to consider is whether the product you want to buy contains a fragrance. “Fragrance-free” are the words you need to find on that tube or bottle.

There are niche manufacturers these days that are retailing paraben-free skincare products. These will certainly deliver 100% pure skincare creams and lotions, albeit of a not particularly fragrant variety.

Find out whether you really need to use a certain type of skincare product. If you reduce usage, does it harm your skin? For instance, many dermatologists believe that using sunscreen everyday is not necessary and can be positively harmful, depriving you of the vitamins that your skin synthesizes using sunlight.